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Journal of Chinese Tax and Policy The importance of China on the global economic stage cannot be ignored, and its unique legal and tax systems are of great interest to international scholars and business people alike. China's tax system is acquiring western features while remaining entrenched in its rich cultural and historical roots. This makes for interesting study, analysis and comparison as its laws are becoming more accessible. The Journal of Chinese Tax and Policy focuses on the policy, administrative and compliance aspects of the Chinese tax system. It also welcomes comparative studies between China and other countries.

The Journal is an internationally peer-reviewed scholarly publication. For Australian authors, this publication satisfies the description as a refereed journal in the current Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) categories.

Editor Eva Huang
Online ISSN: 1839-065X
Frequency: 2 times per year


Consulting Editor 

Dongsheng Jin
Deputy Chair and Researcher, Fiscal Science Research Centre of the State Administration of Taxation (PRC)


Editorial Advisory Board 

Tyrone Carlin

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Registrar)

Professor of Financial Reporting and Regulation
The University of Sydney Business School

Cynthia Coleman
Australian Tax Forum

David Chaikin
Associate Professor
The University of Sydney Business School

Richard Cullen
Visiting Professor
Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong

Hans Hendrischke
Professor of Chinese Business and Management
The University of Sydney Business School

Rick Krever
Professor of Taxation
Department of Business Law and Taxation
Monash University

Jinyan Li 
Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School 
York University

Andrew Terry
Chair, Discipline of Business Law
Professor of Business Regulation
The University of Sydney Business School

Jinzhi Tong
Professor and Chair of Department
Department of Public Economics, School of Economics
Xiamen University

Binh Tran-Nam
Australian School of Taxation and Business Law
University of New South Wales

Yansheng Zhu
Professor of Law and Deputy Dean of the School of Law
Associate Director of the Centre for International Tax Law and Comparative Taxation
Xiamen University


Assistant Editors 

Ziyuan (Louie) Bai

Xi (Nancy) Nan